Research Associate / Scientist - R&D (Female) (003)




Job Location
- India -- Gujarat -- Ahmedabad

Job Type

20 June 2018

Position: Research Associate / Scientist - R&D (Female)


Job Responsibilities:

  • Synthetic research and development.
  • Carrying out routine organic synthesis.
  • Handling reactions from mg to gram scale.
  • Reaction monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Screening of reaction mixture and proper identification of reaction components.
  • Interpretation of analytical results like HPLC, NMR, LCMS to understand/confirm the reaction components.
  • Meticulous Documentation.
  • Proper data management.
  • Detailing the synthetic work in soft copy reports (word/ppt).
  • Carrying out other routine laboratory practices in safe manner.
  • Active participation in company related activities.

Skills desired:

  • Good manual dexterity
  • Attention to detail.
  • Interpersonal skills - to interact effectively with people in other departments.
  • Collaboration – to work with other team members, to be able to adapt to various work assignments.
  • Effective Prioritization – to be able to prioritize and organize work responsibilities in order to meet deadlines.
  • Integrity - to maintain confidentiality and fulfil commitments.
  • “Go-Getter/Entrepreneurial” mind-set.
  • Good oral and written (English) communication skills.


•          M.Sc (Organic/Pharmaceutical /Medicinal Chemistry) ‘OR’

•          M.Pharm (Medicinal Chemistry/ Pharmaceutical Chemistry/ Medicinal Natural Products/ Industrial Pharmacy/ Drug Discovery and Development) ‘OR’

•          Ph.D. (Organic/Pharmaceutical Chemistry).

Experience:1 - 5 years of experience in synthetic organic chemistry having significant experience in Multistep reactions. NMR/LC-MS/HPLC interpretation, Literature search, route scouting and should be able to troubleshoot problems using deep chemistry based skills.

Salary:  Best in the industry

Job Location: Changodar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

We have transportation facility from different locations of Ahmedabad.

Contact information

Sujith Nair