SRA - Biology (o2h/biology/1018)



INR150,000 - INR500,000/annum + Mediclaim & Transportation

Job Location
- India -- Gujarat -- Ahmedabad

Job Type

04 October 2018

Senior Research Associate/Research Associate – In-vitro



About o2h team

Our vision is to seed new ideas in life-science, technology and social enterprise. We have organized o2h into 6 groups, ventures (investment into frontier start-ups), discovery (chemistry and biology services), therapeutics (novel IP), technology (software development), co-work (incubating start-ups/entrepreneurs) and community (working in the community, events in the community and social enterprise).  These activities do not work in isolation and how we work together to create a symbiosis between our different skills will help us build an exciting future.

The year ahead - we are committed to expanding our team, capabilities, infrastructure and marketing which provides exciting new opportunities for all of us.  We continue to be motivated by the impact of science and technology on society and the way people live/work.  We are very curious to see what an adventurous approach to the cross-fertilization of ideas and skills in our incubator and our broader ecosystem will lead to.



    • ­The successful candidate will be expected to conduct day-to-day testing and profiling of compounds in cells/protein-based assays or experiments in a team oriented environment and will be expected to analyze, interpret, draw conclusions and test new methodologies.
    • The candidate will be expected to multitask, recognize problems and provide input to solutions, draft reports, properly document experiments, proficiently present results within lab, at project or review meetings as well as for other internal/external parties as needed.
    • The candidate will be expected to demonstrate an excellent understanding and knowledge of laboratory tools, techniques, methods, and underlying principles.
    • The candidate will be expected to take responsibility for ordering lab supplies, and keep lab stocked and in good order. 


Desired Skills/Experience  


    • Minimum 1-2 years of working experience with LC-MS/MS, HPLC, bio-analytical studies etc.
    • Hands-on/practical exposure in general biotech laboratory equipment (cell-biology lab, in-vitro and ADME lab).
    • Theoretical understanding and practical work experience with cell culture techniques (established cell lines), protein detection assays (ELISA), kinase assays, ADME assays (microsomal stability, plasma stability, solubility, permeability, CYP inhibition assays, plasma protein binding assays etc).
    • Must have good manual dexterity and demonstrate attention to detail.
    • Leadership and interpersonal skills to interact effectively with people within the same/other departments.
    • Work collaboratively with others and be able to adapt to various work assignments.
    • Must be able to prioritize and organize work responsibilities in order to meet deadlines.
    • Must possess a great deal of integrity to maintain confidentiality.
    • Smart with a “Go-Getter/Entrepreneurial” mind-set.
    • Good oral and written (English) communication skills.
    • Strong organizational, project management and problem-solving skills with impeccable multi-tasking abilities.
    • Strong and accurate attention to detail.


A Master’s degree in

    • Molecular and Cellular Biology
    • Life Sciences or Biosciences
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Biomedical Engineering

Prior hands on experience in a cell/molecular biology lab is highly desired. 

Background knowledge of Oncology, Immunology and Inflammation biology would be an added advantage. 

Interest in science and research is a must.   

Contact information

Bhargavi Solanki