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Research Associate/Senior Research Associate - ADME

  • Ahmedabad, Gujarāt, India

Job description

  • Performing all ADME assays

  • Method development and data collection by LC-MS/MS, and other modalities (Absorbance/Fluorescence)

  • Supporting in new assay development for ADME activities

  • To analyse data from enzyme activities (GraphPad Prism, MS-excel) & MS data (Sciex)

  • Compiling reports and interfacing with collaborators

  • Coordinating with third-party collaborators for PK study (animal models)

  • Conducting day-to-day testing and profiling of compounds in cells/protein-based assays

  • Drafting reports, documenting experiments and proficiently presenting results within the lab and in various forums/meetings as and when needed

  • Work closely with other biology group members involved in screening, cell biology, protein biology and ADME, offering integrated drug discovery support alongside chemistry for multiple client-based projects

  • Contributing in group activities (like ordering, stocking and follow-ups etc.)

Job requirements

  • 1-4 years of working experience with LC-MS/MS, HPLC, bio-analytical studies etc.

  • An excellent understanding and knowledge of laboratory tools, techniques, methods, and underlying principles

  • Hands-on/practical exposure in general biotech laboratory equipment (cell-culture lab, in-vitro and ADME lab)

  • Excellent theoretical understanding and practical work experience with cell culture techniques (established cell lines), ADME assays (microsomal stability, plasma stability, solubility, permeability, CYP inhibition assays, plasma protein binding assays etc.)

  • An ability to overcome technical challenges and exercise sound judgment under pressure

  • High self-motivation to initiate projects and work independently under aggressive deadlines

  • A strong technical knowledge with exceptional attention to detail

  • An excellent personal rapport and an ability to engender trust and respect

  • An ability to work well as part of a small focussed team and build relationships

  • An ability to multitask, recognize problems and provide input to solutions

  • An exceptional communication skill and an ease in interaction with all stakeholders

  • An infectious enthusiasm for life, work and making a difference to the world in which we live

  • A bright, friendly, flexible personality with agility to switch between different skill sets

  • An exceptional organisational skill that thrives working in a fast-paced and vibrant team environment

  • Positivity, focus and a winning mentality allied with kindness

  • Curiosity, energy, creativity, and bravery with a strong desire to help to build the o2h culture