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Senior Research Associate/Scientist - Cell Biology

Ahmedabad, Gujarāt, IndiaBiology

Job description

  • Reporting to senior team leader, work with a group of in vitro assay biologists, learning and coaching group members to improve skills and productivity

  • Independently design, conduct, optimize and proactively troubleshoot assays

  • Develop, optimize and validate biochemical and cell-based assay platforms for the hit identification, lead optimization and functional characterization of small molecules

  • Work on the bench implementing state-of-the-art technologies for the different assay platforms

  • Ensure robust and high-quality assays with efficient use of automation and instrumentation

  • Data processing, interpretation and presentation to cross functional team members and

  • Proposing, planning, quoting, tracking reagent needs, usage and executing time lines for each study

  • Work closely with other biology groups involved in screening, cell biology, protein biology and ADME, offering integrated drug discovery support alongside chemistry for multiple client-based projects

Job requirements

  • Strong experience in cell-based assay development and troubleshooting skills; ability to handle different plate formats for small molecule screening

  • Extensive work experience in cell biology and biochemistry techniques

  • Good working knowledge of transcription-based studies, targeted protein degradation, target identification and validation

  • Cell culture experience and in handling different immortalized cell lines, primary cultures, 3D cultures

  • Ability to perform transient transfections and generate stable cell lines

  • Good working knowledge of immunoprecipitation and Western blotting for protein analysis, quantification and in studying protein-protein interactions

  • Experience in fluorescence microscopy and high-content imagining is an advantage

  • Experience in targeted protein degradation, target engagement assays (e.g. nanoBRET, CETSA) is an advantage

  • Experience in CRISPR-CAS9 knock-out and siRNA/shRNA knock-down studies

  • Experience with site-directed mutagenesis is beneficial but not a must

  • An excellent track record of achievement is essential, reflected in peer-reviewed publications (for candidates from academic background) or in the documented delivery of scientific programmes, milestones or objectives (for candidates from industry).

  • A working knowledge of methods for small-molecule lead discovery is essential, but might not be essential (particularly for academic candidates).

  • Candidates must be capable of excellent teamwork in a fast-paced, multidisciplinary environment, where meeting timelines will be essential.

  • Excellent data analysis and interpretation skills

  • An ability to overcome technical challenges and exercise sound judgment under pressure

  • High self-motivation to initiate projects and work independently under aggressive deadlines

  • A strong technical knowledge with exceptional attention to detail

  • An excellent personal rapport and an ability to engender trust and respect

  • An ability to work well as part of a small focussed team and build relationships

  • An exceptional communication skill and an ease in interaction with all stakeholders

  • An infectious enthusiasm for life, work and making a difference to the world in which we live

  • A bright, friendly, flexible personality with agility to switch between different skill sets

  • An exceptional organisational skill that thrives working in a fast-paced and vibrant team environment

  • Positivity, focus and a winning mentality allied with kindness

  • Curiosity, energy, creativity, and bravery with a strong desire to help to build the o2h culture