Leader – Organic Chemistry

Job description

Core Roles & Responsibilities

  • To understand the overall project requirements from collaborators and other key stakeholders
  • To prepare project plans matching the project requirements
  • To brainstorm, optimize and finalize the project plans by engaging with collaborators and other key stakeholders
  • To brief the team about the final project plans, agreed delivery milestones and timelines
  • To spearhead on-ground project planning, execution and delivery
  • To monitor and guide the team’s performance for the agreed delivery milestones and timelines
  • To foresee rate limiting issues, to communicate them with the collaborators and all key stakeholders on real time basis (over emails/reports/TCs) with proper insights and plausible solutions (or plan Bs)
  • To receive and quickly implement the suggestions offered by collaborators and other key stakeholders
  • To help on time delivery of projects

Other Expected Contributions

  • Route scouting and chemical listing for the requested chemical synthesis project(s)
  • Project proposal drafting covering cost and timeline estimations
  • Helping review and/or drafting of company policy documents
  • Helping thorough implementation of company processes and policies
  • Championing quality and cost improvement measures
  • Team building and career progression of team members
  • Interdepartmental coordination for project and other company related tasks

Job requirements

Desired Experience & Skills

  • Extensive previous experience for leading projects and teams for synthetic chemistry programs
  • Experience for collaboration management - building rapport with collaborator(s), priority management
  • Expertize for chemistry related to synthesis of small molecule heterocycles, multi-step and complex molecules, focused libraries, chiral molecules, peptides and sugars
  • Previous experience for drug design and SAR generation on relevant drug targets will be an added advantage
  • Fluent verbal and written English communication skills with an ability to describe and discuss scientific issues or case studies
  • Good intrapersonal skills