Research Assistant - Biology (UK)

Job description

    • With the guidance of seniors conducting, optimizing and proactively troubleshooting screening assays

    • Supporting team to develop, optimize and validate biophysical, biochemical and cell-based assay platforms for the hit identification, lead optimization and functional characterization of small molecules

    • Work on the bench implementing state-of-the-art technologies for the different assay platforms and supporting senior team on various activities

    • Supporting team in ensuring robust and high-quality assays with efficient use of automation and instrumentation

    • Data processing, interpretation and presentation to cross functional team members

    • Helping team in proposing, planning, quoting, tracking reagent needs, usage and executing time lines for each study

    • Work closely with other biology groups involved in cellular and molecular biology, protein biology/chemistry and ADME, offering integrated drug discovery support alongside chemistry for multiple collaborator-based project

Job requirements

  • Candidates should have expertise in molecular cellular biology, and experience with medium/high throughput screening is desirable

  • A working knowledge of methods for small-molecule lead discovery is desirable

  • Candidates must be capable of excellent teamwork in a fast-paced, multidisciplinary environment, where meeting timelines will be essential

  • Excellent data analysis and interpretation skills

  • Clear understanding of biology principles/assays & strategies to troubleshoot

  • Have a passion for science as well as being open to continuous learning and education

  • Creative thinking to spot new customer and growth opportunities

  • Be highly organized with the ability to work independently in a fast paced team environment

  • Ability to work in a team in a transparent and entrepreneurial culture

  • Self-motivated with initiative to reach challenging targets

The position is full-time and you will be located with the o2h discovery team at the Mill SciTech Park in Hauxton, Cambridge, UK. You should have a relevant degree in Biology, Biosciences, Biotechnology or Biochemistry or pertinent discipline and ideally have 3+ years of hands-on laboratory experience. The salary will be based on your skills, qualifications and track record.